Eliane of Sunningdale is reopening

Eliane of Sunningdale is reopening

From Tuesday the second of June, we will be reopening Eliane of Sunningdale for outside dining, takeaways and deliveries within the local area! Our tempoarary opening times will be Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.


Find our temporary menu below, all of our delicious bakes and organic juices, smoothies and hot drinks will be available as normal.

Eliane of Sunningdale - The Health Cafe



From the Counter, from 12pm


Chicken Medley 14.95

Fish Medley 15.95

Veg Medley 12.95


Breakfast and Brunch


Vegan breakfast 12.95 

Homemade bean and vegetable patties, avocado, sautéed kale, courgette, mushroom and heritage tomatoes, organic baked beans and organic toast.

Eliane breakfast 12.95 

homemade chicken koftas, locally sourced organic poached/ scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, courgette, mushroom and heritage tomatoes, organic baked beans and organic toast.

Avocado on toast 7.95 

Smashed avocado with spring onion, herbs, freshly squeezed lemon and chilli flakes, Himalayan rock salt and pepper on three pieces of our heritage toast.

Add poached eggs 10.95

Scrambled eggs 8.95 

Three locally sourced, organic scrambled eggs with spring onion and herbs, served with organic toast.

Add smoked salmon 10.95

Akuri 9.95 

Scrambled eggs with an eliane twist. Chilli, onions, mushrooms and spinach run through three organic, locally sourced eggs on organic toast.

Porridge 5.5 

Organic porridge oats prepared with organic rice milk. Served with coconut nectar.

Eliane chickpea omelette 7.95 

a vegan friendly chickpea omelette, brimming with fresh herbs and spring onion. Served with toast.


A la Carte, from 12pm



Twice cooked Afghani chicken, lemon and herbs 14.9

Chicken koftas, cashews, coconut sauce 14.9



Rassam fish with spiced potatoes 15.9 mustard



Massaman vegetables with lime 10.9

Roasted aubergine, peanut and chilli salsa 10.9

Fragrant coconut dahl 10.9

Spinach with paneer  10.9



Chilla flatbread 3.9

Rice 3.2

Spiced cauliflower with almonds 5

Crushed spiced potatoes 5


Delivery & Collection information

Please call us on 01344621215 or send a message to 07404686746 to place an order for either collection or delivery. If you require delivery, we will send you a secure payment link via SMS. Delivery charge £3 within a 5 mile radius.

All of our dishes are created to our clean, healthy ethos. They are free from refined sugars and there is never any hidden gluten or dairy here. We cook with raw virgin coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt and organic ingredients wherever possible. If you have any dietary requirements, please let a member of our team know.