Eliane is tickled orange to be able to offer

private catering and services to your event!

For all external catering enquiries, we have a vast range of dishes that we can create for you and a catering menu that is exciting and seasonal so simply drop us an email and we’ll be happy to go through all the options we have for you and provide a quote you’ll be smiling from!


All eliane’s catering is affordable and takes all the concerns and hassle out of making sure your event is presented well and hosted properly.


We can even supply some of our friendly staff if desired!





Our specialist chefs will prepare & perfectly present the dishes you select from our broad range of inspiring creations and we can help you build the event you want by tailoring your needs through providing staff if required …and even the chef too if you like!


We can cater for small dinner parties also and take all the hassle out of your hands…so you can focus on enjoying your event.!


Please enquire in person for details of the wines we have available as we are continually adding to the list.


We can provide a full buffet or a more bespoke plan to suit your needs.

Want someone skilled to prepare fresh juices and smoothies efficiently and create some fun theatre at the same time? We can do that also!


We can supply the hardware & the trained staff member to make all the delicious combinations of juices and smoothies you and your guests will love and we can even provide all the fresh produce that you’ll need to do it!


Easy Peasy…
Organic-Lemon Squeezy!






Rates for provision of staff are:

Waiting staff: £17 per hour

Chef: £30 per hour

Whatever your event, if you’re looking to cater it with a happy and healthy twist without

compromising taste and beautiful presentation then Eliane is the place to start, middle & wrap up with!

*Prices are calculated per head, based on dishes selected. Collection is required.