It’s shocking we know, but until we opened our doors for the first time,

we had never come across a restaurant that served options to cater to all needs of all diners. We wanted to create a café-restaurant that

would provide choices that would include everyone. From people wanting to improve their eating habits easily and deliciously, to vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, and all food allergy sufferers.


We all know that we should be eating and drinking better than we do, or have done in the past, but even when we set our minds to it, the problem arises when you head out to a restaurant with friends and suddenly all your options are restricted because the foods

on the menu are all too high in fat, or carbs, or simply too indulgent. And so the age-old dilemma ensues; to surrender and indulge or to suffer and salivate in silence as all your friends chow down on

their plate of however unhealthy food!


At eliane, we aim to cater to just that inner part of each of us who

wants to eat well, but struggles when out with friends to find

options that are permissible in whatever dietary program or

limitations that may have been set.


Food allergies and fixed food habits

No one is forgotten at eliane. Whether you’re a veggie, a vegan, a raw foodist, or even a full-blown raw vegan you’ll find something inspiring, tasty and satisfying here. We ensure that there are always selections for any food allergy sufferer, so there’ll always be choices of gluten-free, wheat-free, soya-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and any other free-from you can think of! Just name it and we’ll cater to it.


…& if for whatever reason we’ve run out of something, or if you have a severe allergy just let us know the details and

we’ll make something on the spot for you!

What makes eliane different?

Since we have a heavy slant towards healthy foods, it’s only fair to explain some of our thought processes behind our foods, and to

also show why we only use certain preparation

methods and specific ingredients.


We’ve taken the extra care to understand the science in

relation to food and apply its logic so that we can benefit from

what nature is providing us with.

For all severe allergies, we ask that you inform us ahead of you selecting your food, as it may be necessary for us to prepare you a separate dish if the foods we have on any given day happen to be made with ingredients that can cause reactions to some people or are made alongside those ingredients – despite not containing them.
We cater to all allergy sufferers’ requirements but this does not mean that all our food is allergen-safe for everyone at all times.


Take a look below to find out more about the eliane ethos…

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