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Food to make the soul smile

Food to make the soul smile

The book was worked on tirelessly by a beautiful team I always refer to as my family, who without their contribution there would be no book. From my friend and co-author of the book, Anna Fidler – a fabulously creative and skilled chef to our artistic and creative photographer Rodney Love.

We want Food to Make the Soul Smile to be your favourite cookbook ever; the one that will provide you with the options you need to satisfy anyone of your family or anyone with a dietary restriction. We want it to be a starting point for you on your own health journey and to be the one that you will be excited to share with the loved ones whose health you care about most.

The book contains recipes of some of our best and most popular dishes at the restaurant and also so many more that we are so proud to make available to you.”

Rafia x

Nutritiously Deliciously Simple

The Nutritiously Deliciously Simple cookbook has been created to reignite your passion for food in the most simplistic way possible.

We’ve created predominantly plant-based dishes, designed to nourish the body, help the environment and satisfy your palate with our pantry essentials, flavourful creations and sweet treats.

The book is structured into five sections, depending on what type of dish you are looking to prepare.

Spoon-shaped references help to draw links between items in the Eliane pantry and dishes where our store cupboard favourites have been used.

Over the years, having developed many styles of cooking from cultures all over the world, we have found that making dishes adaptable to almost any palate is not as hard a job as one might expect. We want to empower the home cook with simple nutritious delicious options for every day. We hope that by keeping things simple and sharing our knowledge of ingredients and flavours you will feel that anything is possible.

Nutritiously Deliciously Simple