We believe that wherever you are on the ladder of health-conscious living, there should always be the choices made available to you so you can take your pick of how to improve your diet or simply try something new and delicious.

We serve the healthiest versions of indulgent foods from cakes, bakes, and pastries that are all organic and non-GMO, right though to raw foods, juices, smoothies, nut milks. But our speciality is by far and away our lunches, where you can tantalise your senses with all sorts of filling, wholesome and ridiculously appetising dishes.

And the best bit…you can taste them all in one sitting if you like! We’ll fill up your plate with all the dishes you care to try.

Coffee & Tea

Our coffee is specially sourced and is a unique blend of a secret selection of coffee beans that you’ll instantly recognise as our bespoke brand of coffee. Of course all the typical range of coffees you’d expect from a coffee shop you can find at eliane also. Our speciality coffees include the liquor coffee menu also! And, all our coffee is 100% organic.

A tea fanatic?… You’ve not been forgotten either! We do almost every tea you can think of and you don’t just get a cup, you get a pot! Our herbal teas will impress you beyond measure!