Eliane is the brainchild of Rafia Willmott & Mark Kimchi.

After the shock news of Rafia’s husband, John, being diagnosed with very serious bowel cancer in 2010, Rafia set about to understand and change the diet of her entire family. She sought to find a solution to her husband’s illness without having to watch him undertake the ordeals of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which had been prescribed by his oncologist.

Having met and consulted with Mark – a researcher into corrective diet for diseases – she and John radically changed the way that John ate. Over time, and with much attention being paid to detail, John finally came through and now, thankfully has a clean bill of health once more.

Throughout John’s illness, the lifestyle he once had of dining out regularly was thwarted, since almost all of the restaurants they would visit didn’t have appropriate food for John’s new diet, or it was prepared in a way that denatured the foods of their vital and health-giving qualities.

John and Rafia had a thought; what if there were a place where literally anyone could go to, no matter what their food preferences, dietary choices, or allergies, and still get fed beautifully and satisfyingly?

Together with Mark’s input, the vision rapidly developed! The foods on offer provide choices of something mouth-watering for everyone, whilst at the same time not compromising on nutritional integrity. Much research has gone into the preparation methods and all the staff have been trained and subscribe to the ethos that the restaurant holds dear.

eliane is the name of rafia & johns youngest child

“I just wanted to create a place where the customers would know, categorically, that they could eat with confidence, where their bodies would thank them and where it would bring a smile to their faces!”
– Rafia Willmott

“It was important to me that the restaurant-cafe would be a very warm and relaxed place for everyone. It really has become ‘a happy place to meet and eat” – John Willmott

“Showing people how they can incorporate healthier food choices is half the battle. By letting customers know how easy it can be to eat well, the inspiration to continue doing so at home is what many end up achieving.” – Mark Kimchi