Food to make the soul smile

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With a whopping 95 different recipes covering choices for every dietary requirement, Food to make the soul smile includes options for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs together with catering for allergen-sensitivities such as nuts, sesame, gluten and dairy. It also has a selection of raw vegan recipes that will surprise and delight most.

That makes this cookbook your one-stop-shop for preparing meals to suit everyone, regardless of their food preferences! Better yet, each page is beautifully laid out to show an easy-to-follow recipe, simple ingredient list & an image of the final dish.


Since the grand opening of our first restaurant in Hungerford, we have been blessed with lovely customers who have all not only enjoyed our food but appreciated the love and care we have put into everything that we do.

With our weekly-changing menu we are frequently asked by customers what techniques we use to make all our lovely creations and if they can indeed even get the recipe! It has been on the cards that we would inevitably produce a cookbook and I am so pleased to announce that Food to make the soul smile is now available to pre-order to our customers and to anyone who simply wants a one-stop-shop for all the family’s needs.

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2 reviews for Food to make the soul smile

  1. Sophie Hadley

    I absolutely live by this cookbook. As someone with family members who have very different dietary needs, from gluten intolerances to vegan preferences, it’s absolutely invaluable to have a cookbook with options to suit everyone.

    The book is of exceptionally high quality, solid and the pages are wipe-friendly being slightly glossy in texture. The dishes range in their unusual-ness to allow for any ‘picky-eaters’ and there is definitely a huge choice of different recipes.

    In summary, I wouldn’t be without it! Thank you Eliane!

  2. Stephanie Smith

    Delicious! Every recipe a winner. Already this cookbook is becoming indispensable to me. High quality publication too with lots of lovely photos.

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