Team Talk with Sarah Lowndes

Team Talk with Sarah Lowndes

If you’ve visited Eliane of Sunningdale then the chances are that you’ve either met Sarah or tasted one of her delicious creations. She’s a “Sunningdale Original”, a team member who has been with us since we first opened the doors in March 2017, and she can be found in the kitchen, on front of house, baking cakes or serving guests meals. But Sarah wasn’t always in the hospitality trade so we wanted to find out a little more about her and just what makes her tick…

After leaving school, Sarah went on to train as a Nursery Nurse, teaching and providing specialist support for individuals with special needs. However, she felt her creativity was stifled and, as she loves food, she decided to pursue this path instead. She said, “I’ve always been hardworking and driven, so being open to learning and growing with an independent business has been the best experience for me. I have a keen interest in health along with compassionate and ethical living which naturally allows me to thrive within and contribute to Elaine’s whole surrounding ethos.”

We asked Sarah what she felt her biggest achievement at Eliane was and it’s no surprise that it stems from the kitchen, “It’d have to be successfully catering for a yoga retreat.” She goes on to say, “I also thoroughly enjoyed VegOut week at Eliane, because as a devoted Vegan myself – I was in my absolute element! Creating, experimenting and delivering delicious 100% plant-based food to our lovely customers who were so positive and open-minded. It was a truly joyous experience for me.”

Sarah feels that the Eliane ethos seems to touch every single individual that walks through the doors, and as she worked for a lengthy period of time in a front of house role, she feels she has had the pleasure of contributing to many meaningful and positive conversations with customers.

She adds at this point, “It’s so refreshing to meet so many other people with a keen interest in doing the right thing for their bodies and the environment. In the same breath, it’s just as wonderful to meet people who were a bit sceptical and unsure at first but leave feeling so pleasantly surprised and satisfied that they end up buying the cookbook! These people more often than not visit regularly and bring their friends, so knowing that those people now have a totally refreshed view of food and nutrition, and want to help spread the word to the wider community, is something quite special to be involved with.”

It’s no surprise that Sarah would like to see an Eliane in every city in the UK which she believes will be a success because of our choice, attention to detail, mind-blowing flavours and fresh ingredients.

And where can you find Sarah when she isn’t at Eliane? Well, you’ll probably find her strength training at the gym, practising yoga or playing roller derby, a full-contact sport on roller skates! Aside from sporting pursuits, Sarah also likes to travel, cook, bake, write about food and photograph it too.

If you haven’t yet sampled Sarah’s dishes, make sure you head to Eliane opposite train station in Sunningdale to truly appreciate this culinary talent at work.