The new cookbook from Eliane


I’ve always loved cooking, and by learning how to source better ingredients and using various cooking techniques to retain nutritional integrity I felt I wanted to make some of what I’d learned accessible to more people in a social setting, which manifested as the restaurant eliane.


Since the grand opening of the restaurant, we have been blessed with lovely customers who have all not only enjoyed our food but appreciated the love and care we have put into everything that we do. With our weekly-changing menu we are frequently asked by customers what techniques we use to make all our lovely creations and if they can indeed even get the recipe! It has been on the cards that we would inevitably produce a cookbook and I am so pleased to announce that Food to make the soul smile is now available to our customers and also to anyone who simply wants a one-stop-shop for all the family’s needs.

The book was worked on tirelessly by a beautiful team I always refer to as my family, who without their contribution there would be no book. From my friend and co-author of the book, Anna Fidler – a fabulously creative and skilled chef to our artistic and creative photographer Rodney Love ( And my co-founder of the restaurant, food science researcher and raw vegan retreat owner, Mark Kimchi (


We want Food to make the soul smile to be your favourite cookbook ever; the one that will provide you with the options you need to satisfy anyone of your family or anyone with a dietary restriction. We want it to be a starting point for you on your own health journey and to be the one that you will be excited to share with the loved ones whose health you care about most. The book contains recipes of some of our best and most popular dishes at the restaurant and also so many more that we are so proud to make available to you.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you so much for your support. By pre-ordering this book, you are helping us to make Food to make the soul smile the best cookbook it can possibly be and I am very grateful indeed for the Eliane community and all the smiles you bring into our lives and hearts each day.

We love you.

Rafia x